Commanding ambiguous, complex projects with little granted authority, minimal resources & supervision, and a hearty serving of grit & JFDI.

This portfolio highlights work were I’ve owned the bulk of the strategic vision and led the key design and technical decisions. It highlights my influence and leadership across many domains and teams; as I’ve moved initiativess from great ideas into key Mapbox success stories.

My work drives sign-ups, active developer usage, re-activations, and brings high impact brands to the Mapbox platform. In my 5 years at Mapbox, I’ve cultivated influence by working collaborative across teams; as a partner, mentor, and trusted resource to many throughout my tenure.

Yes, let’s go there — Rebelle Rally, 2018

Design Integrations
Design Integrations began as an ambitious and ambiguous challenge posed by Mapbox CEO, “We need more clients designig better maps”. I saw this as an opportunity to build bridges. The Mapbox Studio team just embo long-term refactoring were working on improvements for general usage of Mapbox Studio, but we need a stop gap that could penetrate the market and prime users for the big Studio reveal.

The first integration with Framer X has been downloaded over 16,000 times, 60% of monthly active users were churned Mapbox account holders, 10% are Mapbox Entreprise clients, and the potential to influence to 2% of ARR in 2019.  

The Guide to Map Design
The Guide to Map Design started when I started at Mapbox and grew from my increasing efforts to understand the platform, share my work and teach others, write blog posts, give talks, lead workshops, onboard co-workers, and assist customers.

My curriculum systematized the map design process by analyzing the complexities of map design, identifying core design elements fluid and fixed, then simplifying the formula for a wider audience.

The first version launched in late 2017 was completely online and launched with a live webinar and in-person event. For Locate in June 2018, Mapbox’s first ever IRL user conference, I advocated for the budget to design the print version.

Over 600 editions have been distributed to date. The Guide to Map Design is now sent as a gift to new Mapbox enterprise level client teams and often distributed at conferences globally.

Want your free copy of the Guide to Map Design? Inquire with me directly!

The Guide to Map Design —  Locate, 2018

UX & Design Research
The UX & Design Research project has become a blueprint cultivating a shared user vocabulary across Mapbox teams. I’ve always been a staunch user advocate, the best outcome possible for this work has been realized as this is a go-to for best practices for getting teams aligned on who we’re building for.

Leaders across Maps, Navigation, Customer Success, and Sales have adapted my research and processes to help create roadmaps and lead UX research across their teams. 

Orienteering — Crissy Field,  2018
Portfolio of Amy Lee Walton