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Sr. Product Designer

NOV 2019-Present

Principal Product Designer

OCT 2017-OCT 2019

Sr. Product Designer (Maps)

JUN 2014-OCT 2017

Product Designer
OCT 2007-JUL 2011




Curious learner, fearful adventurer, opinionated foodie, and do-gooder with midwestern sensibilities & west coast dreams.
My top five strengths: strategic, positivity, self-assurance, futuristic, and achiever.

I love to learn and apply & teach what I know. May 2019, I graduated from a 12-month Emerging Leaders Program with the National Urban League and Duke Learning. In April 2019, I earned the Nielson/Norman Group UX Certificate. In 2014, I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

My work style: bridge builder — National Urban League Conference, New Orleans 2018

I also sit on a few boards and volunteer my skills, expertise, and passion to professional orgs and non-profits giving back to my peers and the industry; as well as youth and underserved communities. From 2017-2019, I’ve served on the board of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).

Mapbox crew at NACIS —  Colorodo Springs,  CO 2016

From 2016-2018, I served on the Executive Board for the Greater Washington Urban League Young Professionals. As Vice President, I learned what it’s like to go from managing a small group to managing a team of managers.

Always the achiever, I also planned and facilitated two hackathons during my tenure. Both focused on voting rights awareness and advocacy, #UnHackTheVote.

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#UnHackTheVote2019 12-hour student hackathon  — Washington, DC 2019

Fearful Adventurer
I’m also an adventure junkie! I’m often bold and terrified at the same time. But no matter what, I show up and the experience is always life changing.

In October 2018, I competed in the Rebelle Rally. A 1,600 mile, 9-day orienteering and driving competition. I drove and navigated at Jeep Rubicon from Lake Tahoe down to the edge of Mexicali. Whipping around and over huge boulders, sand dunes, through Death Valley, across Coachella Valley, camped under the stars on beds of palm tree fronds at the China Ranch, and used a winch to get another team out of the mud hole.

First checkpoint at Rebelle U training with driving partner Paige Moody 
— Yuma, AZ  2018

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