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Sr. Product Designer

Nov 2019 - Present

Principal Product Designer

Oct 2017 - Oct 2019

Sr. Product Designer (Maps)

Jun 2014 - Oct 2017

Product Designer
Oct 2007 - Jul 2011



Design Leadership

Speaker, strategist, and teacher championing design principles, methodologies, and
best practices.

I love ambiguous complexities. Aim a fearless user advocate. And love representing strong brands.

I’ve cultivated my reach working across diverse, global teams. Sharing my expertise in written, spoken, and performance formats over the years Below are two of my best...

Beyond the Default Map

— Locate, San Francisco, CA | 2018

Mapbox has democratized map making for over 1.6 million designers, developers, and builders. Unblocking custom braneded mapping experiences.

So why do so many do map apps look exactly the same?

This talk outlines the principles and best practices for taking map designs "beyond the default". Juxtaposing brand, design, and narrative into your map practice. Optimizing for delight and engagement.

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Typography in the Age of Vector Maps

— Typographics, New York City, NY | 2018

Early maps featured hand-lettered labels and copperplate engravings. Modern maps are built with satellites, code, and data.

They’re self-healing systems, thanks to sensors and computer vision. Shift, pinch, and zoom to move from global view to street-level detail.

Today’s devs and designers have become cartographers; equipped with powerful tools for mapping atop real data. Typography plays a key role in contemporary maps; maintaining scale, hierarchy, and legibility.

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The Guide to Map Design

The biggest differentiator of the Mapbox offering is customization. I authored this 128-book when the Mapbox CEO charged me with pushing map designers beyond the default map.

This book systematized the map design process by analyzing the complexities of map design, identifying core design elements fluid and fixed, and then simplifying for a wider audience.

The first version launched in Oct 2017 online alongside a live webinar and in-person event. In June 2018, at Mapbox’s first user conference, I released the printed version.

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