Lovely Data Magazine
MICA, Publication Design

Lovely Data, is a publication catering to the all the beautiful female nerds of the world. A publication for women of a similar breed as I. Women who want to read and visualize contemporary artist, makers, inventors, designers, gadgets the cloud and intergalactic stilettos.

A beast of book at a hefty 9 1/2 x 13 1/2", each issue includes a belly band with fold out 28 x 22" drool-worthy poster. Design, curation, content and production were carefully selected and executed to appeal to this distinguished market.

This is Baltimore
MICA, Poster Design

Type-set poster on 10 things they say, 10 things I thought, and 10 things I know about Baltimore.

Reflections on the Baltimore city experience in 2011.

Studio Ames
Washington, DC