studio ames


Sr. Product Designer

NOV 2019-Present

Principal Product Designer

OCT 2017-OCT 2019

Sr. Product Designer (Maps)

JUN 2014-OCT 2017

Product Designer
OCT 2007-JUL 2011



The Community Map is the first step in getting to know and understand a neighborhood and visually documenting those findings in order to begin to establish relevant and useful connections. While interning at Gensler Architecture firm, one of my main tasks was to design and build their Community Mapping process.

For the design and build of the maps used Mapbox's TileMill to provide a vector-based, zoomable method to output the maps. The TileMill process was also employed to make the maps more portable to a web or mobile interface. I also used Adobe Illustrator to future customize the maps for print.

Portfolio of Amy Lee Walton