Strategic Partnerships

CHALLENGE: Grow both awareness and acquisition in relevant, untapped new markets.
The Mapbox CEO charged me with exposing and engaging more designers and visual decision makers withthe Mapbox platform. I decided to integrate the Mapbox platform into design tools that were moving the design -> production hand-off forward.

Framer X is a modern interactive design tool, built on React.js. It services team that move from design to development by offering functional components built on product level platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter.

Our awesome users had previously created tutorials that mashed Mapbox APIs with Framer Classic. With Framer X refactored in React.js, I knew this tool was a perfect match our location platform also built on React.js and powerful plug and play APIs.

Framer + Mapbox prototype.                        Framer X canvas designing prototypes.

My responsibilities included defining the architecture and strategy for our integration, spec-ing out the form and function of our modular components, designing, creating and promoting examples, workflows and webinars, and managing the strategic partnership between Framer and Mapbox.

I managed designers, engineers, product marketing managers, and front-end developers; owning everything from concept to completion. I also tracked and monitored growth, adoption, and usaging; reporting directly to the executive team.

This challenge was focused on creating new solutions for designers building with Mapbox. Based on a previous user research project, Designer Personas, we targeted two of the five segments; Product Architect and Product Designer.

The Product Architect personas typically lead teams of designers and engineers. This persona needed better internal systems and workflows that kept designers unblocked, but also kept engineers from implementing small, incremental changes.

The Product Designer persona owned and iterated on the flow and UX of an app or online experience.  They worked closely with engineers and needed to express more of their motion and vision in their prototypes and mockups as their projects moved into production.

Product Designer and Product Architect personas.

I dived right into React and worked with engineers across Mapbox to ship the very barebones MVP. It allowed users to easily plug and play with an interactive Mapbox map directly in their prototypes thanks to Framer X.

The Mapbox component shipped with the release of Framer X at their user conference, Loupe in Amsterdam. During the conference/release party I met designers from Lyft, Slack, Facebook, and TomTom gathering great intel on tooling and typical designer workflows. I also met the entire Framer Team from engineers and designer, to growth managers and the C-suite. I continue to manage this strategic partnership between Mapbox and Framer executive leadership.

Framer’s Loupe Conference 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

4 months after the rollout, I worked closely with Mapbox Sales Engineering to flush out phase II of our component offering. Scoping requirements for an abstracted, modular kit of parts for teams to further push with Framer X and the Mapbox platform.

The building blocks included the ablility to add an interactive map, add functional search, custom data and markers, and to animate from location to location. I wrote an efficient SOW (scope of work) including the technical requirements and acceptance criteria and managing an external team of engineers in Budapest using GitHub tickets and branches to build the updated functionality.

Sketches: City location map 

Sketches: Location stack

Once the component was complete, I managed an internal team of five; one technical writer, one video manager, one videographer, a copyeditor, and a leadgen manager to roll out landing page, marketing content and social media campaign.

The update launched April 2019, boosting downloads by 225% over one month and growing activations 3x to our Mapbox platform coming directly from Framer. Active developers grew by 168% within 30 days. Our total downloads making Framer’s Top Ten list with a whooping 14,000+ downloads of the Mapbox component to date.

The portfolio of Amy Lee Walton.