Mapbox, Cartography

Whaam! was inspired by a Roy Lichtenstein original at the @walkerartcenter. Early in his career, Lichtenstein worked as a comic book artist which inspired his later work. To give the style a more comic book look, I constrainted my design to four stylistic mainstays: primary color palette, thick black outlines, “Ben Day” dot texture, and starbursts.

Mapbox, Cartography

During the summer of 2015, inspired by some blueprint schematics of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D I got for my birthday, I designed the Blueprint map. Eager to test the latest version of Mapbox Studio, I decided to redesign the style taking full advantage of Mapbox GL rendering awesomeness. 

I worked with a limited color palette of three blues and a single typeface, FF Kievit, in order to capture the bold yet sophisticated graphic quality of architectural blueprints.

The Vintage
Mapbox, Cartography

Many classic maps contain detailed styling on the oceans and bodies of water surrounding the continents. This styling shows bathymetry, the measurement of the depth of water in oceans, seas, or lakes. The same way that topographic maps represent three-dimensional features (or relief) of overland terrain, bathymetric maps illustrate the land that lies underwater. 

Read more: mapbox.com/blog/vintage-mapbox-studio/

Swiss Ski
Mapbox, Cartography

Traditional ski maps feature steep slopes, ski routes, and snowboard routes over a contour heavy topographic base. The topography creates a detailed visualization of depth (or relief) of the cultural and natural features. Inspired by Swisstopo maps, this style highlights elevation contour lines along with specific ski features such as gondolas, chair lifts, and piste paths.

Read more: mapbox.com/blog/ski-mapbox-studio/

The Community Map
Gensler, Mapping

The Community Map is the first step in getting to know and understand a neighborhood and visually documenting those findings in order to begin to establish relevant and useful connections. While interning at Gensler Architecture firm, one of my main tasks was to design and build their Community Mapping process.

For the design and build of the maps used Mapbox's TileMill to provide a vector-based, zoomable method to output the maps. The TileMill process was also employed to make the maps more portable to a web or mobile interface. I also used Adobe Illustrator to future customize the maps for print.

Studio Ames
Washington, DC