Leadership & Impact

I confidently lead ambiguous, challenging projects with minimal resources, some granted authority, and little to no supervision. My work impacts awareness, engagement, and experience, aligns with company WIGs and team OKRs, and ultimately drives MAUs and ARR.
This portfolio highlights work were I’ve owned the bulk of the vision and key design and technical decisions. This work shows my influence and leadership across domains; as I’ve advocated for ideas and processes that were initially under valued and overlooked.

My work drives product sign-ups, weekly and monthly active usage, re-activates users, gains new audiences, and brings high impact brands to our platform. My work has improved client products and therefore increased client spend, contributed to client renewals, and/or generally impacted ARR. I promote and report my impact to executives and leadership and am a trusted resource for the Mapbox CEO.

Yes, let’s go there.

Design Integrations
Design Integrations began as an ambitious and ambiguous challenge posed by Mapbox CEO, “We need teach clients to design better maps”. This sounded to me like the problem was we needed to make it easier for more designers to create maps with Mapbox Studio.

Of all the design tools out there, Framer was built on React, users had created previous integrations with Framer Classic, and I knew someone that knew someone at Framer.

This integration has been downloaded over 16,000 times, active users make up 60% reactivated Mapbox account holders, 10% Mapbox Entreprise clients, and the potential to drive 5% of ARR in 2019.  

The Guide to Map Design
The Guide to Map Design started as an expertise I developed and promoted by learning Mapbox Studio, understanding the platform, sharing my work, writing blog posts, giving talks, teaching colleagues, and training external teams on sales and customer calls. The first version of this book was completely online with a webinar and in-person talks.

My curriculum has done what few designers would dare; analyzing the map design process, identifying core elements, and presenting a best practices manual to a larger audience. After cultivating my expertise and brand at the company, I sold the executive team the budget to the content from digital to printed form.

Over 600 editions have been distributed to date. Printed copies are used to onboard new hires, gift to new enterprise level clients, and at Mapbox booths at conferences globally. 

Sharing the Guide to Map Design at Locate, 2018

UX & Design Research
The UX & Design Research project is a blueprint for understanding and defining shared user vocabularies at Mapbox. I’ve always been a user advocate at Mapbox. My vision and execution for this project has inspired teams with a greater understanding of the power of user research.

Leadership across Maps, Navigation, Customer Success, and Product have used my research and processes to create roadmaps and UX studies and journey mapping workshops for their teams.

Navigating in Crissy Field, 2018

The portfolio of Amy Lee Walton.