Amy Lee wants more designers creating beautiful, functional custom maps for web and mobile products and apps. Senior Cartographer and Design Experience & Engagement Lead at Mapbox, Amy Lee uncovers and shares best practices for modern map design. Her passion for applying design principles to platform development led her to write a 128-page, Guide to Map Design. Amy Lee deeply understands designer/engineer workflows, the designer toolkit, and how to cultivate successful customer experiences with brands that leverage big data.

Amy Lee mastered graphic design at the Maryland Insitute College of Art (MICA), A/B tested interactive and advertorial design methods at, built interactive brand experiences at Garrigan Lyman Group and Hobsons, and was trained to function at the intersection of businesses and technology at the University of Cincinnati.

She has spoken at Typographics 2018, San Francisco Design Week 2018, Portland Design Week 2017, Tallahassee Design Week 2016, and twice at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). Her work has been featured in and on The Atlas of Design, Wired, Communication Arts, Architectural Digest, DC, Revision Path podcast, Dissection Podcast, and All Tech Considered (NPR).

Amy Lee works bi-coastly between the Bay and the DMV; operating and communicating across multiple timezones. She has spend two years on the Executive Board as Chair then Vice President for 300 person non-profit, Thursday Network (TN), the young professionals auxiliary of the Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL).

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