Design Lead

Speaker, industry leader, design strategist and teacher championing design principles and best practices for modern map design.

I approach ambiguous problems with little supervision, minimal resources, grit, JFDI, and preferably influence over authority.

Driving sign-ups, usage, re-activations, and brings high impact brands to the platform. I’ve cultivated my influence by working across many diverse teams in skillset, levels, and experiences as a partner, mentor, and trusted resource.

I’ve shared this expertise in written, presented, and spoken forms over the years. Below are two of my best recorded presentations at Locate & Typographics in 2018.

Beyond the Default Map

Mapbox tools democratize map making for over 1.6 million designers, developers, and builders. Allowing brands to envision elegant, custom mapping experiences. So why do most maps in apps look exactly the same?

This talk outlines the principles and best practices for taking map styles "beyond the default". How to juxtapose brand, design, narrative, and interaction into your map apps. Bringing delight and engagement to your products and tools.

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Typography in the Age of Vector Maps

While early maps featured hand-lettered labels and copperplate engravings, modern maps are built with satellites, code, and data.

They are self-healing systems, thanks to sensors and computer vision. You can pinch, zoom, and alter the pitch and bearing of a map in order to see a global view or drill down to street-level detail.

Today, developers and designers have become cartographers, equipped with powerful tools for building beautiful custom maps on top of real data. Typography—which plays a key role in contemporary maps—must be able to scale, show hierarchy, and maintain the legibility of information.

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