Bubble Taxonomy
MICA, Thesis

The parameters and taxonomy of my thesis stem from my fascination and study of the biochemical properties of soap bubbles, coupled with the whimsical, nostalgic emotion tied to our interaction with these temporal, life-like objects of wonder and magic.

Through design, prototyping, making, digital fabrication and branding, I am exploring visual and experiential narrative and interaction of the speculative object.

Survivalist Essential Kit
MICA, Concept Design

The Survivalist Essential Kit was created for my alter ego persona, Suri A. Preppers. Channeling her design aesthetic, I crafted and curated a 14-essentials item kit along with a booklet, poster and logo stamp for those eager to make the leap.

HyperSpice Collection
MICA, Product Design

Re-envisioning McCormick’s spice brand with an extended gourmet line of 6 of the hottest edible spices available.

Studio Ames
Washington, DC